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About AgriSciences

montageIn agriculture, in order to reduce the environmental impact of fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals, NanoChem Solutions discovered break through technology in the form of beta proteins. By helping plants more efficiently utilize and absorb nutrients, NanoChem beta proteins may help protect the soil and ground water from contamination by significantly reducing the amount of fertilizers used in growing crops. These proteins should be used in crop nutrient management programs. They should not be associated with crop protection and pesticides or other agricultural chemical applications.

In addition to promoting healthier plants and improving quality traits, these beta proteins, when used as seed coatings, help protect the seed, and improve seedling growth and standcount.

Since NanoChem's beta proteins contribute to the overall well being of the ecosystem and, more importantly, do not enter the plant, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ruled that NanoChem's products are not subject to regulation under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act.